Whether you want to create a new outdoor room – or landscape your garden area – our professional team can help you turn over a stunning new leaf!

We have house and landscape designers who can discuss all the options with you. Perhaps you’re looking for a new landscaping design and layout that will make maximum use of your garden area. Or maybe you want to adopt the hot trend and create an outdoor room. This will not only give you more living/entertaining space, it will also add value to your home.

You may be looking for a specific outdoor project or combining it with an indoor renovation. Either way, working with Pronetgroup will provide a seamless, hassle-free process. Our landscape designers and project managers work together to develop the optimal design layout for our builders and qualified tradesmen to work from. Because the design and building work is all managed by the same company, it ensures you’ll achieve the result you want, within the agreed budget. This approach also streamlines the whole process, because you don’t have to work with multiple trades or suppliers. There’s just one point of contact for the entire renovation.

To learn more about the outdoor renovation services we offer, keep reading. If you’d like a free, no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your outdoor renovation, get in touch with us.

Paving and Patios

Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Paving Stones & Slab Paver

Durable Walkway, Driveway & Patio Pavers Enhance The Beauty and Function of your Outdoor Space

Whether you’re looking for a patio with old-world charm or a walkway with contemporary flair, Pronetgroup Landscape Services offers a wide variety designs, concrete pavers, and paving stones to fit your style.

Our portfolio of hardscape products & designs includes contemporary modular and slab pavers, traditional cobble and brick pavers, and paving stones with the look and texture of natural stones.

Many pavers are also durable enough to support heavy loads that are perfect for creating stunning driveway designs.

Our hardscape team at Pronetgroup, can design your outdoor space with concrete pavers, paving stones, retaining walls, planters and much more. Adding a extension of your indoor living space, you can rest assured that your new outdoor space will stand the test of time.

Express Your Own Personal Style with Limitless Concrete Paver Patterns & Paving Stone Colors

The limits are endless concrete pavers, paving stones, and slab pavers offer multiple laying patterns, giving you the flexibility to create unique outdoor living spaces that complement your personal sense of style.

The selections of concrete pavers offer limitless creativity and possibilities. Use contoured paver patterns for elaborate driveways and entrances or apply more simplistic designs for walkways and patios.

Whether your color palette is neutral, warm, or cool, a wide choice multiple design options and paver styles with rich color blends to complement the architecture of your home. Enjoy a natural stone look for backyard patios and pool areas or add warmth to your outdoor living space with unique shades of subtle or vibrant colors in a wide variety of tones. For any design scheme, pavers come in all types of shade or blend to match your desired look.

April is National Lawn and Garden Month, so it’s the perfect time to bring out the garden gloves and dust off your tools. This year, why not try something both natural and sustainable?

Biophilic design is a trend that has been sprouting up everywhere. Based on the idea that humans have an inherent need to connect with nature, biophilic design works to weave elements of the natural world into modern environments. In fact, science has shown that spaces built with biophilic principles provide positive mental and physical health benefits to occupants.

By incorporating biophilic elements and sustainable products into your outdoor living spaces, you can create a space that not only looks good, but is good for you, too. Boost the restorative effects of your backyard with these biophilic-inspired ideas.

1.Construct a Living Wall:

Plants are an important visual element in an outdoor space; they can also make excellent building materials. Climbing vines with supporting structures or vertical gardens planted along bare fences are creative ways to define your space and add more greenery and privacy in your yard. They are especially useful in gardens or homes with limited outdoor space.

2. Mix and Match Materials:

Pool deck and steppingstones:

Meshing natural materials with made ones further blurs the lines between nature and the built environment, embodying biophilic design. “Entangling” pavers has become a popular style in hardscaping over recent years that blends the use of pavers into landscaping. There are multiple techniques to choose from, including fading, outcropping and stepping-stones. For a sustainable, eco-friendly lawn and garden solution, consider using permeable pavers, which allow water to seep back into the ground, filtering runoff of pollutants and controlling soil erosion.

3. Add Elemental Features:

Nature isn’t just plants and earth; it’s also made of other elements such as fire and water. Incorporating water features, like a bubbling fountain or water bowl, or a cozy fire pit into your outdoor living design adds another layer of depth to the space while creating great focal points and gathering spaces for family and guests. As an added bonus, the sound of a water feature can help reduce noise pollution from neighbors or nearby traffic.

4. Change for the Seasons

Spring and summer are loved for their warm weather and abundant flowers but fall and winter bring a beauty of their own. Instead of enjoying your built-in planters for only half of the year, consider adding plants that thrive during cooler weather. Add shrubs known for autumn foliage and some cold-hardy blooms for a landscape that changes throughout the seasons.

Celebrate your lawn and garden throughout the month by incorporating some of these biophilic designs in your backyard. An added bonus: Earth Day is April 22, so you have multiple reasons to get out and enjoy nature.

Fire Pit Kit

Fire Pit Living Rooms

Both the fire pit living rooms in this home feature dramatic views and a faux paver rug design. The poolside living room includes a built-in seat wall to make sure there’s room for everyone around the fire pit. The remote outdoor living room offers a private spot for intimate conversations with a curved landscape wall to define the space and tie the design together.

Intimate Outdoor Dining Rooms

The multi-level patio features two distinct entertainment zones, one for relaxed conversations and one for family-style dining. A raised planter wall with a built-in seating bench provides another dining area with the ultimate backdrop for cozy conversations.

Contemporary Kitchen

The ultra-contemporary outdoor kitchen conveniently abuts the indoor kitchen with sliding windows for indoor-outdoor living. Ample prep space, a luxurious stainless-steel grill, and a full-sized farmhouse sink adds to the look and functionality.


In the driveway, Onyx colored pavers are laid in a classic herringbone design and trimmed with a striking inlay border to create a dramatic entrance.

Freestanding Walls Vs. Retaining Walls: Understand The Differences In Wall Systems

When selecting the right wall for your outdoor landscape, it’s important to know what type you need. Retaining walls and freestanding walls both serve different purposes.

The position of a home on flat or sloping ground is typically what determines if a freestanding wall or a retaining wall is required.

Freestanding walls are better used when the ground is flat and are more commonly used to divide landscapes into different areas, helping to break up open space and add visual interest to your yard.

Retaining walls are required for slopes and structural support purposes, as they use footings to hold a wall in place and better retain soil.

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks That Provide Landscape Beauty & Structural Support

Strong and durable, Pronetgroup offers a versatile selection of wall block designs to complement your landscaping. Residential landscape wall pavers are suitable for both stone retaining walls and freestanding features such as outdoor kitchens or built-in seating.

Pronetgroup offers a full line of landscape wall blocks and concrete pavers system using natural color blends to complement any color scheme. And with textures that emulate the look of tumbled stone, stacked stone, chiseled stone or quarried stone, there’s a look to complement any architectural style.

In addition to retaining walls, project ideas include outdoor fire pits, stone water features, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, built-in planters, pillars, and garden walls of various heights. Paver wall blocks can also wrap columns, hide utilities, build steps and more.

Outdoor Kitchens

Be the life of the party by creating an outdoor kitchen. This renovation is becoming more and more popular around the world because it allows you to cook for family and friends while enjoying the weather. Contact our expert team of specialists to get on the way to transforming your outdoor space into an entertainer’s dream.

Outdoor showers

If you’ve ever used an outdoor shower you will know why this is such a popular renovation. The feeling of bathing in the open air is hard to beat. This renovation is also very practical for beachgoers, and sports stars as it allows you to get clean without bringing any sand, mud or grass into the home.

Outdoor Shelters and Awnings

Outdoor Shelters and Awnings generally provide shade and protection from inclement weather to larger outdoor areas such as room enclosures, carports, poolside cabanas, extended balcony covers, decks, island barbeque covers, entrances and much more.

Awnings and shelters supply protection from the sun during the hot summer, lowering indoor temperature by 10-15 degrees, while creating cooler outdoor living conditions, they also protect you during winter snow falls.

In most cases, during summer months the energy costs reductions will pay for the custom awning in three to five years. The same patio awnings & canopies that offers you and your family protection from the sun will allow you to host outdoor functions regardless of weather conditions.

At Pronetgroup, we can guide you through your range of options and build an awning that blends with the home and provides the right amount of shelter from the elements.

Decking & Railings

At Pronetgroup, we have professional deck builders that can help you create the deck that is right for your needs and within your budget.