Is it time to give your home some more ‘breathing space’? An open-plan renovation will free up space - providing more light and giving your house a brand new feel. Maybe you want to enlarge your living spaces or open up a kitchen and dining area for better flow. Or perhaps you have a small or awkward space that could be better utilised?

If you have an older home, chances are it has less useable space than a modern house (even if they have the same total floor space). This is because older houses had more rooms, so floor space was taken up by the extra walls.

Whether you already know exactly what you want to do - or you simply want to achieve a ‘better space’ - our designers at Pronetgroup can give you some clever open-plan renovation ideas. Bring us your ideas, or your wish-list, and we’ll work out the best solution together. And when it comes to building, we’ll make sure everything rolls out smoothly – and that your renovation is completed on time and on budget.

For some project inspiration, keep reading.

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Open Plan Living Room Renovation

Open-plan living rooms are becoming more and more popular every year. Upgrading, updating and opening up your living room will not only improve the atmosphere but also the look & feel of your home. With more natural light and space, an open-plan living room looks much better and attracts everyone to spend time there.

Open Plan Bathroom Renovations

There are many clever ways we can help you redesign your bathroom to get the most out of that open-plan feel without sacrificing privacy and functionality. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your options and ideas!

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Open Plan Kitchen Renovations

Improving the flow of your kitchen and making it feel less cramped has never been easier. By creating an open-plan kitchen, your kitchen receives more natural light and feels more spacious. Hosting dinner parties would also be so much more fun if you could cook and socialise with your guests at the same time, right?

Open Plan Home Renovations

Pronetgroup Renovations specialists know how to design and build open-plan spaces that work. Our experts will be there for you to tackle the most common open-plan renovation stumbling blocks and take care of everything.

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