• Working from home is becoming the new norm and many businesses are now offering their employees flexible working hours. Whether you are looking to work from home part-time or want to create an additional workspace in your house to stay productive, Pronetgroup Renovations has an abundance of experience with designing and building home offices.
  • A common trend is to convert an existing underutilised space of your home into your home office, be it your garage, attic, or spare bedroom. However, if that is not an option for you, there is always the possibility of extending your home. From renovating existing areas to building completely new ones, it is important to create a workspace that fills your specific wants and needs, keeping you productive and efficient.
  • If you would like to discuss how we can help you create your ideal home office, get in touch with one of our specialists for a free consultation. Alternatively, if you are looking for some inspiration or want to know what type of home offices we can build for you, take a look below.

Modern and Minimalist Home Office

When it comes to creating a modern aesthetic for your home office, it’s best to apply the “less is more” motto. In order to create a sleek and minimalist home office, our renovation specialists can help you design well-defined lines and pick furniture that seamlessly blends with everything else in the room. A clean and well organised office such as this is bound to create a productive environment.

Luxury Home Office

There is no limit to how luxurious your home office can be, allowing you to incorporate all the furnishings and high-tech amenities. Our elite team of renovation specialists know how to create a sophisticated space free of all distractions yet filled with comfort. Whether you are wanting a hand-crafted sugar maple desk or a natural indoor fireplace, we can make it happen Enquire now

Modern Contemporary Home Office

Thinking about a modern light-filled home office that takes advantage of all the available technology? Pronetgroup has abundant experience when it comes to designing and building contemporary home offices filled with practical, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing features to match your unique needs.

Elegant Home Office

There is no reason why your functional and productive work space can’t look elegant and sophisticated. For homeowners looking to create a unique, neat, and graceful home office, our renovations specialist can help you achieve just that.

Minimalistic Home Office

If you are the type of homeowner who wants as little visual clutter in your workspace as possible, a minimalistic yet sleek home office is the way to go. Our renovation specialists can help you create a productive home office for you, free from any distractions, containing only the essentials to help you complete your projects.

Aesthetically Beautiful Home Office

Some people are just more productive when their surroundings are stylish, fashionable, and simply aesthetically pleasing. If this is the case for you, we can help design your home office to be a beautiful space to admire, motivating you to spend more time working in here. Our renovation specialists know exactly how to make the space uniquely yours without losing any of the functionality.

Chic and Stylish Home Office

There is no reason why a home office should be dull or boring, it’s a room that needs to stimulate creativity and productivity, which is where a chic and stylish home office comes in. Our renovation specialists can help you craft a functional home office that perfectly balances business and beauty.