If your home doesn’t have good insulation, winter is probably not as cosy as it could be. Or you’re probably spending more than you should to keep your home warm (and those power bills only seem to get bigger!)

So it’s not surprising that more households are looking to upgrade and install better, more efficient home heating systems. Not only does it create a warmer, healthier home to live in; it also reduces your ongoing energy costs, and adds value for re-sale.

But choosing the best heating system to install can be confusing, as there are so many different types of heating and insulation. For example, should you install central heating? If so, will you be better off with a gas heating system for the radiators, or an electric heating system? What about ducted heating systems and a gas water heater? Or perhaps you need a combined heating and cooling system? There are so many different options. Plus there are the passive heating systems to consider, like insulation or double glazing.

It’s important to make the right choice for your home, so you’ll get the maximum benefit from your investment. However, you may get conflicting advice, as each salesperson will be promoting their company’s technology or specific brand. At Pronetgroup Renovations, we’re not tied to any single heating method or brand of home heating system. This means we’ll give you unbiased advice on the best solution for your situation.

To get an idea of your home heating options, keep reading. Alternatively, have a look at our warm-up Project Estimates and Advice Articles.

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Fireplace Additions

Modern wood burners are more economical and environmentally friendlier than ever before. Gas fireplaces are another popular choice. Most new models are clean burning, efficient and controlled via a thermostat if desired. Whether you prefer a wood/gas fireplace we can help you with selecting and installing the right fireplace for your home.


Insulation is the first step to a warmer and healthier home. While there are minimum requirements for insulation in new homes and additions, it’s worth spending a little more to exceed these requirements and get an even warmer, more comfortable home with lower power bills

Infloor Heating

Infloor Heating can be installed to warm up your floors or as a main source of heating in the home. They can be retrofitted under nearly all flooring materials so don’t be afraid to ask our specialists if underfloor heating is right for you.

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Double and Triple Glazing

It is worth looking at installing triple glazed windows to your house to minimise heat loss.

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HVAC systems

Are you spending more than is necessary to keep your home at the right temperature? It’s not surprising that more households are looking to upgrade and install more efficient home heating and air conditioning systems. They create a more comfortable and healthier home to live in, reduce your ongoing energy costs and add value for resale.